Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

We all use phones daily and receive tons of messages daily. But what kind of SMS attracts us? Before we get into this let us know what exactly SMS Marketing and Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan is? SMS Marketing and Branded SMS Pakistan both are bulk messaging and is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. SMS Marketing Services and Branded SMS Service in Pakistan are used by media companies, enterprises, banks, and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. These SMS marketing services are used for promotional campaigns as an advertisement or transactional messages for marketing purpose. Now get back to the question, which SMS attracts us among a bundle of the message we receive daily? A message which we receive from a random number? Or a message we receive with the company’s name, not with a number?

We as human beings always search for credibility and trust. Hence the message which shall be received by the company’s name itself shall be considered more authentic and reliable. Because we receive so many spam messages having random numbers and thus using random numbers can take away the credibility or your market monopoly. Whereas Branded SMS is always sent having the title of company or company code which immediately catches the attention of your user.

Hence it’s clear that a company or brand that chooses Branded SMS Pakistan gets access to people through their name, while Non-Branded SMS, on the other hand, are sent with different numbers or codes. Thus Octifly believes and works on Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan, and never opts for a cheap and unreliable source for getting business and making money.

Our Planned Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

Octifly Branded SMS Service in Pakistan is planned carefully step by step to create superb marketing plans with outstanding branding.

Online Web Portal

An online web-based portal helps you to track all your campaigns comprehensively.

Personalized SMS

This text message is created using subscriber's data, like time, date, country, providing credibility.

Customer Sender ID

Placing the customer sender ID accurately and correctly, as this name represents the brand.

Delivery Reports

The system that involves that assures you that the SMS has been delivered from your system.

Why Need Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan?

Octifly SMS Marketing in Karachi shall help you throughout your marketing and advertisements launching. As we know there are different ways of advertisements and promoting your business, as in the old days before technology was not that innovative, the main source of advertisement was radio, newspapers, magazines and then and now television. But the most common way to get more followers and name is promoting your brand with the help of SMS, only because, that’s the one thing every human being nowadays uses the most, in fact, the usage is almost 18 to 20 hours a day. If we talk about the branded message, it is a very suitable way to get the attraction of people toward your products or services. You cannot skip Branded SMS Service in Pakistan while promoting or even starting your business. It is the main source of grasping the audience's attention and creating your business a brand in a short time irrespective of any generation or cast.

The best thing about Branded SMS Pakistan is you get your brand identity, along with just one click helps you present yourself to many receivers in just a matter of minutes. This promotion method is very useful and helpful for customers and brand owners, even it is reliable for people who are starting their business even on a smaller scale, just a way to advertise your name and the deals or services you are offering.

There are many great brands in the world and every famous brand has a core brand message. The brand message is a statement that declares why the brand matters and what are the features of the brand. Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan efficiently represents your products or services. Branded SMS Marketing in Karachi, Pakistan, in fact, is used across the globe just for better marketing and better output.

Branded SMS Prices For Pakistan

Efficiently aggregate end-to-end core competencies without maintainable ideas. Dynamically foster tactical solutions without enabled value.

Rs. 6,000

Per Year

  • 10,000 SMS
  • Branded SMS
  • Masking: YES
  • API : Supported
  • High Quality Routes
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Rs. 22,000

Per Year

  • 50,000 SMS
  • Branded SMS
  • Masking: YES
  • API : Supported
  • High Quality Routes
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Why Choose Octifly Branded SMS Marketing?

Octifly is a reliable and trustworthy Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan. This statement can be proved as Octifly and team only opt for reliable and credible sources, as we at the start mentioned you the differences between Non-Branded and Branded SMS Service in Pakistan. And for that, it has been already discussed what is more authentic and more reliable service, which can give you the best output rather than creating chaos or unstable name in the market. As marketing is not just an advertisement for your brand in the market rather it’s about establishing a powerful, reliable, and credible brand name in the market which can only bring business and outstanding results. Octifly Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan will guide you form the initial level to the final level, delicately and thoroughly step by step. Our Branded SMS Service in Pakistan is the best promotion method for big brands as well as small business owners and startups. We shall be providing you with the best plans.

Octifly professional bulk SMS Services will help you send business-related SMS to a lot of people, along with the name of the organization and not using random numbers and codes which are untrustworthy. This is the fastest, speedy, and reliable way to promote your business and brand visibility in a short time, along with delivery reports to assure you that your message has been delivered.

Octifly as being professionals, know the importance of brand messages in business growth. We always provide top-notch Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan at affordable rates. This type of service shall help you reduce the gap between customers and your products. So, by using SMS marketing and Branded SMS Service in Pakistan, you can efficiently ensure proper business growth.